Mixers for wastewater

Get the mixing that best suits your wastewater system with a mixer or current generator from Landia.

We have solutions for large volumes of water, smaller tanks and for liquids with varying amounts of dry matter content.

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The benefits of a submersible mixer for wastewater (low speed)

Landia POPL-I is a low-speed mixer or current generator. Its primary use is for mixing and flow creation of large volumes of water at an exceptionally low energy consumption. 

With the adjustable propeller blades, the energy consumption can be adjusted by changing the angle of the propeller blades. You get the opportunity to achieve an energy consumption that is less than 1 W/m3.

The propeller blades on a POPL-I flow former are made of stainless steel. Experience shows that the propeller blades last forever, and you therefore get a lifetime warranty on propeller blades on your POPL-I mixer. 

If your wastewater is of an aggressive nature, POPL-I can even be supplied in acidproof stainless steel.

Flexible mixer for wastewater (medium speed)

Landia POP-I 150 is a flexible and efficient low speed mixer. It is used for mixing and flow creation with a low energy consumption. This can be, for example, in aeration tanks or anaerobic tank sections. Landia POP-I 300 is most often used for mixing liquids with a high dry matter content such as dewatered sludge. The relatively low speed and strong propeller design make the POP-I 300 the ideal mixer for all types of highly viscous liquids.

We can also offer our Landia POP-I in acidproof steel if needed.

The benefits of a submersible mixer for wastewater (compact)

Landia POD-I is a compact mixer that is typically used for mixing liquids with a relatively low dry matter content and in smaller tanks.

POD-I can be used at liquid levels below 1 m. 
The propeller speed is 1000 or 1500 rpm.

If the Landia POD-I is to be used for aggressive liquids, we offer to supply it made of acidproof steel.

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