BioChop Ensiling System

By-products, such as dead fish, can be converted to fish silage using a BioChop silage system.

The silage can be stored and transported and subsequently used for various purposes.

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You get it with a BioChop system:

Landia BioChop silage system is supplied as a ready-made system for the desired capacity.

It can also be supplied as sub-components that are built into an existing system. The systems are delivered to feed fleets, land-based fish farms, abattoirs and ships.

The silage system consists of:

  1. Acidproof stainless steel silage tank
  2. Landia chopper pump for chopping, mixing and emptying
  3. Stainless steel block valves
  4. Complete control with acid dosing

Standard volume: 2,5 m3, 5 m3 and 8 m3

Landia BioChop Hygienisation Unit

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