Food industry wastewater

Landia produces and supplies solutions for pumping, mixing and aerating all types of wastewater from the food industry.

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Solutions for all types of wastewater

Whether you need pumping, mixing or aeration of your wastewater, Landia has a solution for you.

This also applies if the wastewater contains major impurities, is viscous, abrasive or aggressive.

Keep your focus and spend your valuable time on production

Most food industries produce wastewater in larger or smaller quantities. Wastewater is in itself a waste product that must not take focus and time away from production, so it is important to work with the right partners.

All out production is carried out in Denmark, which means that you can get immediate help if you need it.

It gave us the confidence to invest further in this equipment as the best, long-term solution.

- says Andy Neal, Design Manager at MSE Systems.


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