The Tire Biogas Plant has three anaerobic digesters each with a volume of 10,000 m3. The feedstock is dairy cattle manure with a TS concentration of 10%.

Each digester is equipped with four Landia GasMix digester mixing systems – the selection was based on the design and volume of the digester and of course the feedstock.

In reality only two GasMix are in operation at the same time. The mixing performance of four GasMix was simply too high. 

"All in all a nice surprise" says Berkin Imer, Managing Director of Pales Biogas who designed and built the plant.

"We are producing biogas for 3 MW electrical power based on the 500 t/day in-feed material."

"The "standard" type of biogas plant in Turkey use mechanical mixing and for producing 3 MW on identical in-feed material, 775 t/day is required. 90% of the costs related to operating the biogas plant is logistics, so this is a huge cost reduction. The efficient digestion process is due to the Landia GasMix mixing system," says Berkin.

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