Digester Mixing System

With Landia GasMix, you get the maximum benefit from the anaerobic digester in your sewage treatment plant. The system utilizes gas and sludge recirculation for mixing in the tank.

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Get the most out of your anaerobic digester with GasMix

The anaerobic digester is one of the most important components in a modern, energy-producing sewage treatment plant. To achieve the greatest possible biogas yield and the greatest possible sludge reduction, it is crucial to choose the right mixing system from the start. Landia offers, as the only supplier on the market, the unique GasMix mixing system, which utilizes the recycling of biogas and sludge to mix the contents of the anaerobic digester.

Landia GasMix has all components located outside the anaerobic digester, which is an obvious advantage in terms of servicing the system. All service can be performed at the base of the digester, and should the system fail, the biogas process continues, as you do not have to open the digester for repair – unlike most other types of mixers for anaerobic digesters.

GasMix boosts your anaerobic digesters

In a collaboration with Aarhus University, it has been proven that Landia GasMix provides a higher biogas production when compared with traditional mixing technology. This becomes clearer the higher the dry matter content.

When the sludge passes through the GasMix ejector, it is subjected to a treatment in which the sludge particles are “split” apart – a feature that makes the tank contents easier to mix, there is less risk of crusts and the subsequent biogas production is increased.

A strong partner with extensive experience in wastewater

Finding a partner with extensive experience in wastewater management is crucial, and frankly, there’s no one out there with more experience in wastewater mixers than Landia.

Since the late 1980s, when we supplied our first mixers for sewage treatment plants, Landia products have found their way into sewage treatment facilities worldwide. The wastewater industry has been growing steadily year after year, and we’ve been growing right along with it.

When you get in touch with Landia, you’ll be speaking with people who aren’t just familiar with the industry; they’re enthusiastic about it, just like you.

This is how we develop the best solution with you