Sludge pumping

Landia can offer durable pumping solutions for pumping all types of sludge.

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Landia chopper pumps – also for sludge

Problem-free pumping of sludge is important for the proper operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Often different types of positive displacement pumps are used for this task. They are capable of pumping highly viscous liquids such as sludge at high pressure but are often expensive to maintain and troublesome to service.

An excellent alternative is Landia’s chopper pump. The pump is simple, robust and easy to service. There are no fine tolerances that require adjustment after changing the impeller. This makes the pump much less sensitive to dry matter and sand, and it keeps the cost of operation and maintenance down.  And then it is also a chopper pump, and you are “insured” against blockages due to threads and other things in the sludge.

Are your current sludge pumps acting up?

Did you know that positive displacement pumps can often be replaced with Landia’s centrifugal pumps? 

Most positive displacement pumps are expensive to maintain and troublesome to service. A Landia pump is much less sensitive to the abrasive particles and stringy materials that are often found in sludge. 

And the wear parts are much less costly and faster to replace, compared to rotary lobe pumps and progressive cavity pumps.

The four chopper pumps have been very efficient since they were put into operation. The first three months they were really working hard. You could hear them chewing away on the tough media, where Landia’s unique knife system really did well.

- says Mr. Thomson, Severn Trent.


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A strong partner with extensive experience in wastewater

Finding a partner with extensive experience in wastewater management is crucial, and frankly, there’s no one out there with more experience in wastewater mixers than Landia.

Since the late 1980s, when we supplied our first mixers for sewage treatment plants, Landia products have found their way into sewage treatment facilities worldwide. The wastewater industry has been growing steadily year after year, and we’ve been growing right along with it.

When you get in touch with Landia, you’ll be speaking with people who aren’t just familiar with the industry; they’re enthusiastic about it, just like you.

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