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Most pumps are not designed to handle larger foreign bodies, viscous, abrasive or aggressive media – Landia pumps are.

Landia chopper pumps – through thick and thin

Landia chopper pumps are fitted with an efficient knife system at the pump inlet. The knife system breaks down larger particles before they are pumped further into the system.
Landia’s pumps are also suitable for pumping highly viscous liquids. Did you know that many types of displacement pumps can be replaced with Landia pumps? 
The pump is simple, robust and easy to service. There are no fine tolerances that require adjustment after changing the impeller. This makes the pump much less sensitive to dry matter and sand, and it keeps the cost of operation and maintenance down.  And then it is also a chopper pump, and you are “insured” against the pump clogging.

Easy adaptation to an existing installation

A Landia chopper pump can be adapted to fit equipment from most other pump manufacturers, so it is both quick and simple to upgrade to a Landia chopper pump. Regardless of pump performance and installation conditions, you get a tailor-made pump solution for the specific task.

After a fire at the plant near Fredericia, the Nagro A/S had to empty one of the large tanks measuring 2,700 m3. The tank contained PFAD (palm fatty acid distillate), which was to be pumped from the tank and into a ship via a 300 m long 6" pump line. There was a great demand for high reliability, high flow and short delivery time.


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Case studies - industry


Daphne finds prime solution for primary problematical lift station

Following an intensive 5-day survey of its wastewater treatment process, the highly renowned brewery, Timothy Taylor’s has upgraded its aeration process by introducing the AirJet system from Landia.

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Five-year milestone for wastewater aeration system at KK Fine Foods

A wastewater mixing and aeration system made by Landia has completed five years of uninterrupted service in North Wales at KK Fine Foods, manufacturers of high-quality meat, fish and vegetarian meal solutions.

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Mixing matters for Eco’s sustainable solution

Comprehensive mixing of biogas digesters is playing a crucial role at one of the most dynamic and well-run food-waste-to-energy facilities in Europe.

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New wastewater mixers reduce maintenance and improve health & safety

Following a highly successful upgrade to its wastewater process, Glatfelter, the leading global supplier of engineered materials, has made further investments in mixers made by Landia.

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Pioneering farmer shows pig industry the benefits of renewables

A pioneering pig farm in North Carolina, US, that has led the way in its industry for embracing renewable technologies, has reported a 10% plus increase in its biogas yields by investing in two new chopper pumps made by Landia.

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Try before you buy as dairy crest benefits from Landia’s wastewater aeration pump

Dairy Crest, makers of some of the UK’s best-loved food brands, has upgraded its wastewater treatment process by investing in a new mixing system from Landia.

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Grit out, power up as Landia help Cannington Bio Energy

A decade since it began, Cannington Bio Energy’s hive of activity is impressive – with volumes of waste arriving,
 waste being treated – and green energy being produced. If only it was as simple as all that.

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Landia and Cambi help deliver big upswing in biogas production for the water industry

Just south of Aberdeen, improvements continue to be made at Scottish Water’s Sludge Treatment Centre (STC) in Nigg – but at a site still approaching its full potential, 0.9~1.0MW per tonne of Dry Solids is already being consistently produced.

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MSE Systems bring in Landia pumps & mixers to help treat potato effluent

Following the successful installation two years ago of Landia Chopper Pumps and a Landia Aeration System, MSE Systems is set to install a further three units from Landia for one of the UK’s leading supplier of potatoes.

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Poultry wastewater aerated as MSA bring Landia’s aeration equipment to Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Landia’s AirJet is playing a key role in the success of the aeration and wastewater system for a major poultry processor.

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