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Most pumps are not designed to handle larger foreign bodies, viscous, abrasive or aggressive media – Landia pumps are.

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Landia chopper pumps – through thick and thin

Landia chopper pumps are fitted with an efficient knife system at the pump inlet. The knife system breaks down larger particles before they are pumped further into the system. Landia’s pumps are also suitable for pumping highly viscous liquids.

Did you know that many types of displacement pumps can be replaced with Landia pumps? 

The pump is simple, robust and easy to service. There are no fine tolerances that require adjustment after changing the impeller. This makes the pump much less sensitive to dry matter and sand, and it keeps the cost of operation and maintenance down.  And then it is also a chopper pump, and you are “insured” against the pump clogging.

Easy adaptation to an existing installation

A Landia chopper pump can be adapted to fit equipment from most other pump manufacturers, so it is both quick and simple to upgrade to a Landia chopper pump.

Regardless of pump performance and installation conditions, you get a tailor-made pump solution for the specific task.

Keeping hold of the Landia pumps was a must.

- said Pittards’ Engineering Manager, Tim Copland.


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