Dry-installed chopper pumps for biogas

The model MPTK-I end-suction chopper pump is particularly suitable for biogas plants. This heavy-duty chopper pump is designed with an open impeller, which is the ideal design for pumping feedstocks with high dry matter content and high viscosity.

The pump’s unique chopping system, or knife system, proves extremely effective in situations, where large particles and contaminants often create problems for other types of pump. 

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The benefits of a chopper pump for biogas

Where the pumps stand out from other pumps is that the pumps both pump and chop in one function. This not only counteracts clogging and blockage, but it is also an advantage for the entire biogas process.

Due to the reduced particle sizes, the biomass becomes easier to convert for the bacteria inside the reactor. The operating range of the pumps is up to 6 bar, which is why they can also replace most types of displacement pumps.

We have designed the pumps so that they have the longest possible service life:

  • The pump has a simple and robust construction and is easy to service.
  • Small foreign objects such as gravel, sand, small shards of glass, bone, etc., can pass through the pump without causing damage and with minimal wear.
  • The pump can be supplied in special materials that significantly extend the service life, even when pumping liquids with abrasive particles, such as sand.
  • For operation in aggressive liquids such as food waste, we can supply the pump in acidproof steel.

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You will not find anyone who has more experience with pumping and mixing solutions for biogas plants than Landia. We have been involved since the biogas industry’s infancy in Denmark, and today you will find Landia products in biogas plants worldwide.

The biogas industry is growing year by year and we are keeping pace. 

When you contact Landia, you will speak with employees who know the industry, including some who have worked in biogas plants themselves.

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