Aquaculture, pumps and mixers for the fish industry

Landia supplies quality equipment for the production of fish silage from smolt plants and emergency boats.

Our key component in these systems is the Landia chopper pump.

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Efficient chopper pump and mixer for the fish industry

Landia’s chopper pump is used both for fish silage and on fish farms. It is effective for, among other things, pumping sludge, floor water, wastewater and groundwater.

The operating conditions are often difficult, and we therefore offer to supply the pumps in solid acidproof steel or fitted with zinc anodes to provide the highest possible protection against corrosion.

The optimal use of chopper pumps and mixers

Landia mixers are used for mixing silage, sludge, and reducing sedimentation in buffer tanks after filters and blood water tanks.

In addition, Landia’s mixers can be used in many production tanks of silage on ships, emergency tanks and at abattoirs for optimizing silage capacity.

We can also supply the mixers made from acidproof steel.