Solution with a reception tank

Get efficient slurry handling to reception tanks with a slurry pump and mixer from Landia.

Traditional solution with a reception tank

When you choose a solution with a reception tank, you get a system where the slurry flows out into the tank or to a cross channel, which in turn is connected to a reception tank outside the barn. The transversal channel is emptied easily and efficiently by backflushing by pumping thin slurry from the reception tank to the farthest end of the transversal channel, which is thereby flushed clean. In the reception tank, we offer three different solutions for mixing and pumping on to the storage tank:
• Mixer and submersible pump
• Mixer and long shaft pump
• Long shaft pump with manual bottom mixer
Mixing and emptying of the reception tank can be started both manually and automatically. With an automatic solution, unnecessary wear is avoided, and time is saved. 
If the slurry is to be pumped far or through an increase in terrain upslope, then we recommend a high-pressure pump.


The manual bottom mixer on the pump or mixer ensures that the slurry is homogeneous. Homogeneous slurry is easier to pump. If combined with automatic control, it means that the farmer does not have to spend unnecessary time at the reception tank and can spend their time in the barn instead.

This is such a good system - and from day one I’ve had nothing but total support and help from Landia.

- said James.


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Case studies - agriculture


Pioneering farmer shows pig industry the benefits of renewables

A pioneering pig farm in North Carolina, US, that has led the way in its industry for embracing renewable technologies, has reported a 10% plus increase in its biogas yields by investing in two new chopper pumps made by Landia.

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Landia Slurry Mixers at 20,000 m³ Lagoon, Latvia

Four submersible Landia mixers are successfully mixing a 20,000 m³ slurry lagoon at a major pig farm in Latvia.

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Pioneer’s biogas benefits by using ‘more than just a pump’

The tagline on the Bioplex website reads ‘Defining the Future of Recycling’. True. But it could so well be described as: ‘Love of Sustainability’.

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Bawn to handle slurry

Homework has paid off for dairy farmer James Kennedy in Co Tipperary, where a longshaft slurry pump and mixer from Landia have completed their first five years of service.

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Landia pumps and mixers for The Grosvenor Estate

Pumps and mixers from Landia UK, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, are helping Grosvenor Farms to efficiently and effectively process its slurry.

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New dawn for Landia’s Pig Slurry Pumps and Mixers

“After 21 years, one of our Landia slurry pumps actually got to see daylight” - so said Chris Carter at Strathyre Farm near Preston...

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Landia pump is top lot at Rugby Farmers Mart

A Landia chopper pump is keeping control of slurry at one of the UK’s leading livestock markets.

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Landia GasMix - Future safety Rybjerggaard

For Rybjerggaard, for many years, focus has been on energy saving and self-sufficiency. Therefore, it was also with the idea that ...

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