Reception tank mixing

Our advisors are ready to help you put together the right mixing solution for your receiving tank.

It is important that the different types of biomass are mixed efficiently and quickly. You avoid problems with crust in the receiving tank and obtain a higher biogas production.

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A safe mixing solution for your reception tank

The biomass’ path through the biogas plant begins in the reception tank, where liquid slurry is mixed with solid biomasses to ensure a homogeneous mass before the subsequent digestion.

If the biomass is not sufficiently homogenized in the reception tank, there is a great risk of the formation of crusts in all subsequent tanks – especially the primary reactor tank, where the main part of the biogas is produced.

Can a chopper pump ensure that you avoid crusts?

A Landia chopper pump is often included in a mixing solution for reception tanks. It can, for example, be a combination with a traditional mixer and a chopper pump.

The pump’s knife system helps to break down larger particles. This makes the tank contents easier to mix, there is less risk of a crust and the subsequent biogas production is increased – all because of a better pre-treatment.

A strong partner with extensive experience in biogas

You will not find anyone who has more experience with pumping and mixing solutions for biogas plants than Landia. We have been involved since the biogas industry’s infancy in Denmark, and today you will find Landia products in biogas plants worldwide.

The biogas industry is growing year by year and we are keeping pace. 

When you contact Landia, you will speak with employees who know the industry, including some who have worked in biogas plants themselves.

This is how we develop the best solution with you