GasMix Digester Mixing System for wastewater

Landia GasMix is a mixing system for anaerobic digesters. GasMix has all the mechanical components located outside the tank. Therefore, it is not necessary to open or empty the tank when performing service or repairs on the GasMix system.

This provides benefits both purely in terms of safety, but also economically, as biogas production can continue unhindered during service work on the GasMix system.

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How Landia GasMix works for wastewater

The mixing with Landia GasMix works in such a way that a mixture of liquid and biogas is recycled in the tank. This keeps the tank mixed, and at the same time it contributes to a better biogas quality with higher biogas production. It has been documented that the GasMix system leads to increased sludge reduction, and as a result you even achieve a higher biogas production.

Landia GasMix can be used with most tank types and at tank volumes up to approx. 10,000 m³ and for sludge with DM up to 14%. The mixing effect can be documented with CFD simulation.

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Landia GasMix - How does it work?

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