GasMix Digester Mixing System for wastewater

Landia GasMix is a mixing system for anaerobic digesters. GasMix has all the mechanical components located outside the tank. Therefore, it is not necessary to open or empty the tank when performing service or repairs on the GasMix system.

This provides benefits both purely in terms of safety, but also economically, as biogas production can continue unhindered during service work on the GasMix system.

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How Landia GasMix works for wastewater

The mixing with Landia GasMix works in such a way that a mixture of liquid and biogas is recycled in the tank. This keeps the tank mixed, and at the same time it contributes to a better biogas quality with higher biogas production. It has been documented that the GasMix system leads to increased sludge reduction, and as a result you even achieve a higher biogas production.

Landia GasMix can be used with most tank types and at tank volumes up to approx. 10,000 m³ and for sludge with DM up to 12%. The mixing effect can be documented with CFD simulation.

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Case studies - Landia GasMix


Overhaul of digester mixing system delivers better biogas yields

Eco Verde Energy's revamped Anaerobic Digestion plant in Suffolk now boasts higher biogas yields thanks to Landia's superior mixers and pumps. This significant upgrade, overcoming past inefficiencies, marks a leap in renewable energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Retrofit of digester mixers helps Biosciences Institute boost gas yields by 15-25%

Discover AFBI Hillsborough's biogas success with Landia GasMix: 15-25% higher yields, efficient sludge control, and enhanced energy performance.

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New digester mixing system delivers better yields for Eco Verde Energy (EVE)

Discover how Eco Verde Energy (EVE) improved their biogas operation, reaping better yields, streamlined maintenance, and maximum efficiency with a Landia mixing system.

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Mixing matters for Eco’s sustainable solution

Comprehensive mixing of biogas digesters is playing a crucial role at one of the most dynamic and well-run food-waste-to-energy facilities in Europe.

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Superior Mixing Matters at Taiwan’s New Biogas Plant

Taiwan’s newly opened and first-ever biogas plant to use livestock manure as its feedstock is benefiting from a proven digester mixing system made by Landia.

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Over 43 per cent more gas (!) as Hayley Group wows customer with new AD/Biogas mixing system

A leading food waste-to-energy operation has increased its biogas yields by an average of more than 43% - due to a new digester mixing system.

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Mix to the max at Yorkshire Water’s major new Energy & Recycling Facility

At Yorkshire Water’s new £50M Huddersfield Energy and Recycling Facility (E&RF), the digester mixing system from Whitchurch-based Landia is ensuring that total gas production can reach its anticipated 22,192Nm³/d (normal cubic meter/day).

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Landia and Cambi help deliver big upswing in biogas production for the water industry

Just south of Aberdeen, improvements continue to be made at Scottish Water’s Sludge Treatment Centre (STC) in Nigg – but at a site still approaching its full potential, 0.9~1.0MW per tonne of Dry Solids is already being consistently produced.

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Tire Biyogaz, Turkey

The Tire Biogas Plant has three anaerobic digesters each with a volume of 10,000 m³. The feedstock is dairy cattle manure with a TS concentration of 10%.

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Jersey's shining sludge plant sets new standards

When Jersey's Department for Infrastructure and Doosan Enpure had to replace Bellozanne sewage treatment works, they seized the opportunity to engineer out longstanding problems.

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Landia supplied the first mixers for sewage treatment plants in the late 1980s and today you will find Landia products at sewage treatment plants worldwide. The wastewater industry is growing year by year and we are keeping pace. When you contact Landia, you will speak with staff who know the industry, and who like the wastewater industry.

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