In April 2014 we supplied a Landia GasMix digester mixing system for Bioenergy Research Institut, Nanjing University of Technology in China. The Research Institute operates a large pilot plant in order to try out different types of feeding material and to study and optimize the biogas process.

We were connected to the Chinese client via a German consultant company. The client was soon convinced that Landia GasMix was the obvious choice for the 300 m³ digester. The most visible advantage was the fact that the entire mixing system is placed outside the digester. This improves service accessibility significantly compared to traditional propeller mixers.

The biogas plant started producing biogas in mid 2014 and the feedstock is mainly rice straw and liquid pig manure that is mixed and pumped to the digester.

Mr. Zhang Yabing, manager of the biogas plant says: "Not only is the entire mixing system mounted outside the digester, the power consumption is also low and the cutting system of the chopper pump cuts straw into smaller particles".

Mr. Zhang Yabing continues: "As a side benefit it turned out that the biogas production was higher than expected".

A Landia GasMix 18.5 kW is installed at the biogas plant in Nanjing but due to the short operation time – approximately 20% - the power consumption is low. Compared to the increased biogas production the GasMix can be considered an "energy neutral" mixing system! And in fact a mixing system that mixes the digester extremely efficient.

As Mr. Zhang Yabing says: "If just all products on site were like the Landia GasMix….!"

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