Residual by-products from food industry

Landia offers a wide range of pump and mixing solutions for handling residual products from abattoirs, the fishing industry, wastewater from dairies, vegetable production and much more.

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Residual products make offer sound financial benefits

All food industries have residual products in larger or smaller quantities. Certain residues, or by-products, can actually be disposed of in an environmentally friendly, and for the company, a financially attractive way – typically for use in biogas plants.

This requires good and reliable pumps, so it will be easy and convenient for you. Landia can offer you a wide range of pump and mixing solutions for handling your residual products, whether it is abattoir waste, cuttings from fish production, wastewater from dairies, or vegetable production and much more.

We also have the technology to produce silage from your fish waste.

Made in Denmark

Landia is a Danish product! We are not a distributor who imports products from abroad
– we manufacture EVERYTHING at our factory in Lem.

So, in the unlikely event you need help, we are always available to assist you.

The Landia AirJet and Chopper Pumps have proved very reliable and cost-effective, so it gave us the confidence to invest further in this equipment as the best, long-term solution.

- said Andy Neal, Design Manager at MSE Systems.


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