Deeside Cereals Enhances Wastewater Treatment with Watermark and Landia Solutions


Chris French




August 23, 2023

Deeside Cereals, a prominent producer of cereals and cereal bars, faced a daunting challenge in managing its problematic effluent.

Despite initially implementing a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit from Watermark to tackle suspended solids and sludge thickening, persistent issues persisted, primarily stemming from Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) present in their effluent due to ingredients like chocolate, rape seed oil, and lecithin (phospholipids).

At one point, the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels soared to 78,000, prompting the need for a more robust wastewater treatment solution.

A Collaborative Approach

Karl Johnson, Safety, Health & Environment Manager at Deeside Cereals, emphasized the necessity for compliance with stringent regulations set by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.

In collaboration with Watermark, they identified the need for a high-quality aeration system to augment their treatment regime. Drawing on Watermark's positive experiences with Landia equipment, they opted for the Landia AirJet, renowned for its reliability and long-term effectiveness.

Proven Success in Challenging Treatment

Deeside Cereals faced challenges in treating sugary water entrainment, but the harmonization of the Landia AirJet and the DAF, along with minor adjustments, resolved the issues. They also found that controlling COD was easier by partially filling the tank and conducting tests before discharge.

The Landia pump required minimal maintenance, with only a daily visual inspection for oil. Deeside Cereals is considering a service agreement with Landia for bi-annual maintenance checks.

Karl Johnson praised Landia's excellent support and straightforward installation process. The decision to invest in the AirJet system has paid dividends, with a return on investment achieved in under 10 months.

Implementing the Landia AirJet

The Landia AirJet, consisting of a 5.5kW Chopper Pump and a venturi nozzle, was swiftly put into operation to handle Deeside Cereals' effluent solids. This low-energy system could mix and aerate efficiently down to a water depth of approximately 7.5 meters without the requirement of a compressed air supply.

Alistair Fielding from Watermark lauded the simplicity and effectiveness of the setup, highlighting Landia's commitment to providing optimal solutions with an eye on total cost of ownership.



Deeside Cereals successfully addressed its challenging effluent issues and achieved compliance by partnering with Watermark and Landia.

The collaborative effort and the implementation of the Landia AirJet have not only improved wastewater treatment but also demonstrated significant cost savings and operational efficiency, showcasing Landia as a trusted service provider in the field of wastewater management.



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