Landia BioChop provides increased fish silage biosecurity in Faroe Islands. Following a series of successful installations, Landia is providing its fourth BioChop unit to Faroe Islands-based P/F Luna. This latest order will give the world-class salmon producer increased biosecurity.

Designed with Landia’s acclaimed chopper pump, the BioChop will be utilised for the safe and efficient processing of fish morts into silage at Vestmanna on the island of Streymoy. 

Chosen for its ease of use, longevity, low operating costs and highly effective silage quality, the Landia BioChop bound for Vestmanna is effectively a ‘Plug and Play’ unit, with a long-shaft acid-resistant chopper pump handling the entire process of breaking down and mixing whole salmon. In fact, all components that are in contact with the silage are produced in acid-resistant materials to protect them from the additive (a formic acid mixture).

Comprising the chopper pump, PLC (programmable logic controller) and separate acid-dosing pump to ensure proper pH balance in the tank, the new 5 m³ Landia Biochop will process the salmon morts into silage. After transportation to a central storage facility on the Faroe Islands, the silage is then shipped to Norway where (depending on its category) it can be utilised for biogas production or as a starter feed for piglets and chickens – or also used as an ingredient for pet food.

Landia delivered its first acid-resistant Biochop 5 m³ silage tank to P/F Luna in 1997 – and has also supplied chopper pumps and mixers for integrated Faroe Islands factory trawlers. The pumps chop the fish by-products, whilst the mixers ensure that processed silage stays homogenous in tanks to make unloading quick and simple.

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