Landia GasMix for biogas

Landia GasMix is a mixing system designed for reactors in biogas plants.

The system has all its mechanical components located outside the tank, thus allowing service and repairs to be performed on the GasMix system without first opening or emptying the tank.

This provides obvious advantages in terms of safety, and there is also an economic benefit, as production can continue unhindered during any service work.

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Achieve better biogas quality with GasMix

Landia GasMix contributes to better biogas quality and higher biogas production. Mixing is done by recycling a mixture of liquid and biogas in the tank. 

It has been documented that the GasMix system leads to an increased reduction of organic material, and as a result you achieve a higher biogas production.

The system can be used with most tank types and for tank volumes up to approx. 10,000 m³ and for biomasses with DM up to 14%.

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Landia GasMix - 3D animation

Landia GasMix - See how it works

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