Digester mixers

Landia GasMix is a digester mixing system where all components are located outside the tank. GasMix utilizes recirculation of the biogas to mix the contents in the reactor.

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Increased biogas production with Landia GasMix

Effective mixing in the reactor tank is essential for the economy of your biogas plant. As the only supplier on the market, Landia can offer you the unique GasMix digester mixing system.

GasMix utilizes biogas and biomass recycling to mix the contents of the reactor tank.The fact that all components of the GasMix system are located outside the reactor, offers several obvious advantages.

All service on the system can be performed at the base of the tank. If the system fail unexpectedly, the biogas process continues, and it is never necessary to open or empty the tank – unlike most other types of mixers in reactor tanks.

GasMix boosts biogas production

In a collaboration with Aarhus University,   more than 10% higher biogas production has been demonstrated compared with traditional mixing technology. 

In biomasses with a high fibre content, the fibres are “split” apart by the repeated recirculation through the GasMix digester mixing system – a function which is not achieved by traditional mixing of the reactor tank.

Easy maintenance is not the only advantage of the Landia GasMix system. A wide range of ingredients has been tried, all with extremely effective results! 

- says director Brian Gannon.


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A strong partner with extensive experience in biogas

You will not find anyone who has more experience with pumping and mixing solutions for biogas plants than Landia. We have been involved since the biogas industry’s infancy in Denmark, and today you will find Landia products in biogas plants worldwide.

The biogas industry is growing year by year and we are keeping pace. 

When you contact Landia, you will speak with employees who know the industry, including some who have worked in biogas plants themselves.

This is how we develop the best solution with you