Sludge mixing

More than 40 years with solutions for mixing sludge in sewage treatment plants.

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Efficient mixers for wastewater sludge

Reception, digestion and drainage of sludge play a vital role in a sewage treatment plant. The constant development of sludge drainage technologies places great demands on the mixers. Landia has a wide range of equipment for mixing wastewater sludge.

Whether it is a septic sludge receiving tank containing large amounts of threads and foreign bodies, or a high viscosity polymer dewatered storage tank, we have the products to do the job.

If the sludge causes bothersome odours, a combined mixing and aeration solution in the form of a Landia AirJet ejector pump may be the solution. 

Landia has a wide range of different types and sizes of mixers and can therefore tailor the optimal mixing solution to your particular system.

Holdbarheden er nærmest legendarisk

Landia supplied the first mixers for sewage treatment plants in the late 1980s. There are many Landia mixers at sewage treatment plants around the world who have passed the 25-year mark – some even 30. 

Now that’s truly sustainability!

Constant follow-up, testing and development has meant that we have kept up with the times and today can offer energy-efficient mixing combined with a lifetime beyond the usual – something we are of course willing to guarantee!

The Landia mixers have always worked well. This is the type of reliable equipment we want as ESD delivers improvements to Scotland’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

- said St Andrews WWTP Site Manager, Alan Mearns. 


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A strong partner with extensive experience in wastewater

Finding a partner with extensive experience in wastewater management is crucial, and frankly, there’s no one out there with more experience in wastewater mixers than Landia.

Since the late 1980s, when we supplied our first mixers for sewage treatment plants, Landia products have found their way into sewage treatment facilities worldwide. The wastewater industry has been growing steadily year after year, and we’ve been growing right along with it.

When you get in touch with Landia, you’ll be speaking with people who aren’t just familiar with the industry; they’re enthusiastic about it, just like you.

This is how we develop the best solution with you