Side-entry mixers for wastewater

Landia POPTR-I is a mixer that is most often used for mixing liquids with a high dry matter content.

It can be sludge, for example. POPTR-I is ideal for mixing highly viscous liquids and liquids with a high temperature.

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The benefits of side-mounted mixers for sludge

A POPTR-I mixer is mounted through the side of the tank wall, thereby ensuring that regular lubrication and prescribed oil changes can be done from the outside.

Thus, allowing the machine to continue its daily operation without needing to empty the tank or lift the mixer out. The fan-cooled motor is positioned so that it is completely shielded from the liquid. Therefore, it is also possible to replace the motor without emptying the tank. POPTR-I is supplied as standard with all liquid-affected parts in stainless steel.

Landia POPTR-I can be installed in all concrete, as well as steel tanks.


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