Landia Slurry Mixers at 20,000 m³ Lagoon, Latvia

Four submersible Landia mixers are successfully mixing a 20,000 m³ slurry lagoon at a major pig farm in Latvia.

Designed specifically for mixing slurry with a high content of solid material, Landia’s easy to install POP mixers are available in motor sizes from 3.0 kW up to 30 kW.

Video from this application can be seen here:

Flexible submersible slurry mixer

The submerged POP mixer can be supplied in many sizes. It is easy to install, and it can also be mounted in a tank with slurry in. In addition, it can be moved so that it can be used in several tanks.

  • Engine size: from 3 - 30 kW
  • Triple sealing system
  • Stirring capacity: up to 4,000 m³

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