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Energy-efficient solutions, efficient products and a focus on development

Landia uses its 90 years of experience to continue to develop new and efficient products and solutions. Together with your company, Landia is aiming for new heights. You get a partner with a strong team of happy employees who focus on what matters most to you: good solutions that solve your task at the lowest possible cost.

The durability is almost legendary. Landia supplied the first mixers for sewage treatment plants in the late 1980s. Many of these have passed the age of 25 – some even 30. And they are still in operation every day. Now that’s truly sustainability!

Constant follow-up, testing and development have meant that we have kept up with the times and today can offer energy-efficient solutions combined with a service life beyond the usual.

As a Danish company, we are subject to strict requirements on the environment and climate, and of course, we comply with these. 

We work hard to find the best solution to our customers’ challenges, whether it is regarding animal welfare, dealing with by-products from food production, increased methane production in biogas plants, dealing with more dry matter in biomasses or reducing troublesome odours from a wastewater plant.

We also work to solve climate challenges in the form of CO2 impact when handling biomasses, e.g., with transport and conversion of CO2 to methane.

Landia also looks to the future and participates in development projects such as Power-to-X with the aim of better utilizing energy and reducing the impact on the climate.

Made in Denmark

A Landia product is fully Danish made. The factory is located in Lem in West Jutland – an area known for its machine production and a stable and conscientious workforce.

We manufacture EVERYTHING at the factory in Lem. So, in the unlikely event you need help, we are always available to assist you.

Pilot-scale experiment to make it possible to convert CO2 into methane 

Using excess electricity from wind and solar power, and CO2 from biogas, a new research and development project is aiming to produce biomethane in a pilot-scale experiment. The experiment is an important step in the Power-to-X technology that may give exports of Danish technology a green future. 

Read more about the project

Landia offers customized solutions for your specific system

When you decide to collaborate with Landia, you will talk to experts who have extensive knowledge of your industry. Most of the employees you will come in contact with are engineers, and this ensures you the technical advice that ultimately results in the right solution for you.

Landia strives to create long-lasting relationships. If you ask other Landia customers, you will most often hear that the reason they remain customers is the help and support they receive – even after the order has been delivered and installed.

90 years and still on top

  • checkA large team of dedicated employees and the best quality have created a mindset where satisfied customers are the be-all and end-all – feel free to ask around!
  • checkA safe investment: Landia is 90 years old and is in better shape than ever. It is your guarantee that we will also be in the market in 20 years.
  • checkWhat is your need? Our advisers are on hand to help you with any questions you might have.

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