Dry-installed pumps for agriculture

Landia’s dry-installed pump empties slurry tanks quickly by increasing the vacuum effect as it pumps the slurry downstream. The dry-installed pump is suitable as a booster pump for pumping slurry over longer distances.
The knife system and design of the pump housing ensures clog-free suction to the pump. Wearing parts, such as impellers and pump housings, can be supplied in hardened material, so that wear is halved when pumping.

Buried well

Landia’s pre-cast pump well in PE is used in vacuum systems. It can also be used to increase pressure when pumping slurry over long distances and/or an increase in terrain upslope.

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Facts about dry-installed pumps

Capacity: up to 475 m³/h.
Motor sizes: 0.75 - 30 kW
Total head: up to 50 metres

Well options

The well can be supplied in several sizes ready for use with the desired pump and suitable damper, pipe socket and lid. 
The pre-cast PE pump well is completely sealed and fitted with a bottom plate so that it stays in the ground in case groundwater rises. By pumping directly to the storage tank, no additional reception tank is required.

Case study about dry-installed pumps

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Our solutions within agriculture

Case studies - agriculture


New pump solves sand-laden slurry headache at dairy farm

How the implementation of a new pump and a well-thought-out setup of the reception pit transformed their operations, offering efficiency, cost savings, and peace of mind.

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Superior Mixing Matters at Taiwan’s New Biogas Plant

Taiwan’s newly opened and first-ever biogas plant to use livestock manure as its feedstock is benefiting from a proven digester mixing system made by Landia.

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Slurry pump helps with efficiency at resourceful organic dairy farm

At an organic dairy farm in Lancashire, where the ethos is firmly on maximising efficiency over maximising output, a Landia chopper pump is playing a vital role in the use of slurry as fertilizer.

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Pioneering farmer shows pig industry the benefits of renewables

A pioneering pig farm in North Carolina, US, that has led the way in its industry for embracing renewable technologies, has reported a 10% plus increase in its biogas yields by investing in two new chopper pumps made by Landia.

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Landia Slurry Mixers at 20,000 m³ Lagoon, Latvia

Four submersible Landia mixers are successfully mixing a 20,000 m³ slurry lagoon at a major pig farm in Latvia.

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Pioneer’s biogas benefits by using ‘more than just a pump’

The tagline on the Bioplex website reads ‘Defining the Future of Recycling’. True. But it could so well be described as: ‘Love of Sustainability’.

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Bawn to handle slurry

Homework has paid off for dairy farmer James Kennedy in Co Tipperary, where a longshaft slurry pump and mixer from Landia have completed their first five years of service.

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Landia pumps and mixers for The Grosvenor Estate

Pumps and mixers from Landia UK, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, are helping Grosvenor Farms to efficiently and effectively process its slurry.

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New dawn for Landia’s Pig Slurry Pumps and Mixers

“After 21 years, one of our Landia slurry pumps actually got to see daylight” - so said Chris Carter at Strathyre Farm near Preston...

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Landia pump is top lot at Rugby Farmers Mart

A Landia chopper pump is keeping control of slurry at one of the UK’s leading livestock markets.

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A strong partner with extensive experience in agriculture

In all modesty, you will not find anyone who has more experience with solutions in pumps and mixers for agriculture than Landia. We have been involved in Denmark from the very beginning, and today you will find Landia products in agriculture all over the world. The structure of agriculture is constantly evolving, and we are keeping pace. 
When you contact Landia, you will speak with staff who know the industry and have wide ranging technical expertise.

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