Chopper/sludge pumps (dry-installed) for wastewater

The MPTK-I pump is designed to pump heavily polluted wastewater and sludge with a high dry matter content.

While many other pumps will have problems with clogging, the MPTK-I can easily be fitted with a system of knives at the pump inlet. The knives ensure smooth operation in difficult conditions.

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Uses for sludge pumps

The pumps from Landia are specially developed for pumping liquids with high viscosity. They are therefore the obvious choice for use in places where sludge from wastewater is to be pumped.

The operating range of the pumps is up to 6 bar. Therefore, they can also replace most types of displacement pumps. 

In the presence of abrasive particles, such as sand, Landia has even developed several special materials that will extend the service life of the pumps considerably. This means lower long-term operating costs. We can also supply the pump in acidproof steel if, for example, it is to be used for wastewater from dairies.

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