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Ensiling systems
- adding value to fish by-products

The Landia BioChop Ensiler

Efficient processing of fish by-products and morts

If you want fish silage of the highest quality, we have the solution for you!

Landia BioChop is an ensiling system consisting of a stainless steel tank that is equipped with a stainless steel long shaft chopper pump. The pump macerates and blends the fish waste with acid into a smooth purée. Now you have fish silage that can be stored or transported.

It sounds simple and it is - if you have the right technical solution and a supplier with the right experience.

Landia has 30 years of experience in producing fish silage and we also have a solution for you.

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Flowmakers for landbased fish-farming

– secure constant velocity for the best welfare of the fish.


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