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references - wastewater


Lynetten Waste Water Treatment Plant – Copenhagen, Denmark
Mixing and pumping of wastewater and sludge. Landia supplied approx. 90 mixers in 1996 in connection with the expansion of Lynetten - the vast majority are still in operation.


Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) – Connecticut, USA
A Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) in Connecticut is benefitting from reduced downtime, thanks to pumps, mixers and back-up service from Landia.


“Some companies are only interested in helping when they have secured a service contract, but Landia sent one of their skilled engineers to show our maintenance staff how to best look after the pumps and mixers for our benefit, which in turn means we provide a better service to the people of Stafford. Since then, we’ve become more efficient, had no downtime, saved money and had no hassle. It is refreshing to work with a company who has such high standards for customer care” says  WPCF Chief Operator Rick Hartenstein


City of Guilin, China
The order, for a total of 78 Landia Flowmakers, Mixers and Recirculation Pumps was based on the ultra-reliability and performance of 20 Landia Flowmakers that have served Guilin since 1995.


MBBR Project, Agra, India
For the largest MBBR-based potable water application in India – in the City of Agra, home to the world famous Taj Mahal,  Landia supplied 18 stainless steel BioMover mixers that will ensure full contact between bacteria and nutrients without damaging the biofilm carries (media) in the MBBR tanks.


Waste Management Center Friesland Wittmund, Germany

The waste management center of Friesland / Wittmund is a municipal waste management company that every year treats 140,000 tonnes of waste. As part of the waste management center, a landfill, a leachate treatment plant, a composting plant and a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant is operated in Wiefels.


Landia has since 2004 supplied more than 30 mixers, chopper pumps and aerators that operates under challenging conditions.


John F. Kennedy International Airport – New York, USA

Landia chopper pumps were installed for replacing pumps of different brands that were clogging on adult diapers.  The pumps were being pulled 8-12 times a day to be unclogged.  Travelers are flushing adult diapers down the toilets in both the airplanes and airports.  Since installing the Landia pumps there has been no issues with pumps clogging!


Roquette America – Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Landia AirJet aerators have helped Roquette create a significant saving in energy bills and at the same time reduced costly, laborious maintenance.


The company is a producer of starch products. Constant issues with clogging of coarse bubble diffuser membranes led to the search for new technology. Landia was called in and finally supplied nine AirJets and one mixer for each tank – in total 20 units.


The reduction in energy and maintenance cost has been of great benefit to Roquette America.


Petrochemical MBBR WWTP – Yanshan, China

Waste water from a petrochemical production on the outskirts of Beijing is being cleaned in an advanced waste water treatment plant including MBBR (Moving Bio Bed Reactor). Landia has supplied their BioMover POPL-I for the very essential mixing of the bio carriers in the two reactors.


The Landia BioMover were selected due to the low power consumption and the stainless steel propeller blades with only 46 RPM propeller speed ensuring maximum protection of the plastic carriers.



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