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Cases - wastewater

With a £60 million investment aimed at producing 30 per cent more green energy from its largest sewage treatment works, Severn Trent's upgrade of its 12 anaerobic digesters has put people and pumps to the ultimate test.

A chopper pump with an aerator nozzle helps a small utility district eliminate troublesome buildups and cure odors in a key lift station.

When Jersey's Department for Infrastructure and Doosan Enpure had to replace Bellozanne sewage treatment works, they seized the opportunity to engineer out longstanding problems.

In Greenland’s capital city, Nuuk (population approximately 17,500), pumps made by Landia have solved a troublesome clogging situation at an important pump station.

In the water/wastewater industry, there is a direct correlation between price and quality, so it is vital to analyze life-time costs.

As 13 Landia Chopper Pumps approach a decade of service, an additional three stainless steel Landia units have now been introduced at the Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project.

Roberts of Port Dinorwic, the acclaimed family-owned food manufacturer, has introduced a new Landia aeration system to enhance its wastewater process.

Over a decade on from an installation at a major wastewater treatment plant in Kansas, leading pump and mixer manufacturer Landia has once again demonstrated the longevity of its equipment...

A major university in Washington State that came close to sewage overflows is back on track thanks to the intervention of Mitchell, Lewis & Staver and a Landia chopper pump.

New 6” Chopper Pumps designed and manufactured by Landia are helping Thames Water improve its handling of stormwater at East Hyde sewage treatment works near Luton.

A Landia chopper pump is keeping control of slurry at one of the UK’s leading livestock markets.

Chopper pumps made by Landia have completed ten years of highly robust service in lift stations...

At Aillwee Cave in Ireland, a Landia AirJet aerator has completed 10 years of uninterrupted service...

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, Landia has supplied two submersible mixers for the sludge treatment process at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

Landia GasMix' externally-mounted digester mixing system in Tullamore, home of the celebrated Irish whiskey, Tullamore Dew.


Ferrier Pumps has brought about a successful solution to a tricky wastewater app...

Following an intricate diving operation, ESD (the joint venture involving Gallif...

Situated approximately halfway between two of America’s largest cities, Madisonv...