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MBBR BioMover™

- Gentle mixing in MBBR and IFAS processes


The Landia BioMoverTM is specially developed for the gentle mixing of the plastic carrier elements (bio media) in MBBR and IFAS tanks.


The bio media which are used in MBBR and IFAS processes in modern wastewater treatment plants are usually manufactured by HDPE.

The bio media are designed in such a way that they have a very large internal surface area upon which bacteria can grow without being knocked off, or otherwise destroyed, when they rotate and collide.
1. MBBR =  Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor 
2. IFAS   =  Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge
3. HDPE =  High-Density Polyethylene


Advantages of the Landia BioMover™

  • Can handle all kinds of bio media from different manufacturers.

  • The slow-moving stainless steel propeller with its broad blades ensures a gentle and energy efficient mixing of the bio media.

  • The gentle mixing prevents the bio media from wearing down.
    During mixing, full contact between the bacteria and the nutrients is ensured, while at the same time the excess of bacteria is removed from the bio media.

  • Landia's BiomoverTM ensures that the entire content of the tank is kept in motion, preventing biomass from clogging sieves or settling at the bottom of the tank.

  • A wide range with several motor sizes and customised propellers ensures efficient mixing of the contents in all tank types and sizes.


Contact Landia


- together we will find the right mixer for your industry and/or biogas needs




Many years of experience

Since the 1980s, Landia has provided mixers to thousands of wastewater treatment plants around the world.

The mixer in this photo has just been lifted out of the basin for a scheduled service check after 5 years of continuous operation in an MBBR tank.



Individual solutions

This is a new wastewater treatment plants, in which two Landia BioMoverTMs are installed in a deep MBBR reactor tank.

The required size of the motor and propeller is calculated individually for each project to ensure the highest possible efficiency and the lowest possible operating expenses and lifespan costs.



Bio media

Filling media into an MBBR reactor tank at a modern wastewater treatment plants in North America.

The degree of filling is typically between 20 and 65% of the tank's total volume...
- so it requires a lot of bio media components!