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Aerators for industrial wastewater


Since the 1970s, Landia has been producing aerators. Today, the programme consists of two types:




Landia AirJet is a so-called air ejector where the air, and thus the oxygen, is automatically sucked into the ejector and then mixed with the wastewater from which it is pumped, under pressure, into the tank.

In its simplicity, the Landia AirJet consists of a chopper pump with equipped with an ejector system. Compared to many other aeration systems, AirJet is extremely easy to install and manage. There is no need for compressors, bottom-mounted diffusers and advanced controls.

Landia AirJet can be installed in existing tanks - it is not even necessary to empty the tank when mounting!


Landia AirJet is available in three different versions

  • With a submersible pump - AirJet is lowered into the tank

  • Dry-installed - all mechanical components are mounted outside the tank

  • AirJet suspended on a pontoon - used in lagoons

PODB-I propeller aerators


Landia PODB-I propeller aerators are submerged into the liquid in a tank or an open lagoon, and operates by the rapidly-rotating propeller creating a vacuum behind the propeller, wherein atmospheric air (or pure oxygen) is sucked down through a tube.


Landia PODB-I is available in two different versions

  • With a submersible motor - PODB-I is lowered into the tank

  • PODB-I suspended on a pontoon - used in lagoons


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