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Landia Chopper Pumps, with the unique external chopping system, is designed for pumping heavily contaminated liquids and liquids with high solids concentration.


A unique chopper pump concept introduced by Landia

As the first of its kind, the Landia chopper pump was originally designed in the 1950's and its high degree of versatility was soon recognised by many customers. The pump has since undergone contionous development and is today one of the best heavy duty pumps on the market.

The unique knife system at the pump inlet ensures no clogging or blockage of the pump and constant maceration of larger particles found in the liquid. The pump is very easy to service and the knifes and impeller can be replaced in less than 15 minuttes.

Landia supplies products of the highest quality which bear comparison in every detail. Each selection is based on the know-how and experience accumulated throughout our long history. We take particular pride in our after sales service and remain at your disposal throughout the entire service life of the quoted pump.

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More information about chopper pumps (US)

A heavy duty chopper pump that prevents clogging

Landia chopper pumps are equipped with an external cutting system to facilitate chopping/maceration of solids that are present in the pumped liquid.

The main advantage of the chopper pump is that it prevents clogging of the pump itself and of the adjacent piping, as all the solids and stringy materials are macerated by the chopping system.

Landia chopper pumps exist in various configurations, including submersible and dry-installed design. Due to its high solids handling capabilities, the chopper pump is often used for pumping sewage, sludge, manure slurries, and other liquids that contain large or tough solids.

Chopper pumps for industry (UK)
Chopper pumps for agriculture (UK)
Chopper pumps for industry (US)


Landias chopper pumps are helping Biogen to success

Biogen located near Caernarfon in North Wales has build a new £5M food waste to green energy GwyriAD AD plant and Landia chopper pumps are helping them succeed.

Landia MPTK chopper pump mixes 12% dry solids in a buffer tank of the 11,000 tonne pa GwyriAD AD plant.

A further 2 chopper pumps resuspend grit (when existing diffusers are not running) by the use of a pressurised ring main with four jetting nozzles, equally spaced around the base of a tank containing 9% dry solid digestate.

At a maximum particle size of 12mm (temperature 60ᵒC), digestate at dry solids 8% is also pumped by two more Landia MPTK chopper pumps at a flow rate of 36-72mᵌ/hour at a maximum total head of 15m...

Read the case study about Landia chopper pumps (UK)
Read the case study about Landia chopper pumps (US)


Benefits of Landia chopper pump

The cutting system
The cutting system consists of two rotating and one or three fixed knives placed in front of the pump suction and ensures that:
- The inlet to the pump is at all time free of clogging
- Large solids are chopped before entering the pump

Open Impeller
The pump casing and the impeller form a unit which ensures that no dry solids are “caught” inside the pump. The design and the size of the impeller are adjusted to the actual application. The impeller is not used as part of the chopping action – this reduces wear significantly compared to competition.

Pump Housing
Landia chopper pumps are available in the following materials:
- Cast iron
- Heat treated cast iron for abrasive applications
- Stainless steel SS 316 for low or high pH applications

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More information about chopper pumps (US)

Recommended by satisfied customers

Thousands of Landia chopper pumps are in operation throughout the world. The applications are numerous – below please some examples:

- Municipal waste water – typically unscreened, raw sewage and thickened sludge
- Domestic waste such as food waste, paper, fats and vegetable waste
- Animal slurry from cows, pigs, poultry etc.
- Biogas applications for pumping and chopping the incoming substrate
- Abattoir waste containing bones, intestines, feathers, hair and fats
- Fish and fish waste
- Combined circulation, mixing solids reduction in Anaerobic Digesters

Chopper pumps for submersion

Landia's submersible chopper pumps are made to handle viscous and highly corrosive fluids, and are used in e.g. wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, the agricultural industry, the food industry and in various industrial processes.

They are extremely versatile with motors ranging from 0.55 – 30 kW. The DG-I chopper pump can handle liquids with a high concentration of solids – significantly more than most other submersible pumps.

Landia's DG chopper pump can, depending on the type, supply a pump pressure of up to 5 bar, which makes it possible to pump the slurry over long distances - up to several kilometres!

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More information about submersible chopper pumps (US)

Dry installed chopper pumps

The Landia MPTK-I is a heavy-duty chopper pump designed for dry installation. Only the hydraulic part of the pump is exposed to the liquid and overheating is never an issue as the motor is effectively cooled by the integrated ventilator fan. The non-clog characteristics are identical to that of the submersible Landia chopper pumps, and compact installation dimensions are achieved through a unique single shaft design.

Furthermore, the pump is very easy to service and the most common wear parts can be replaced in less than 30 minutes.

Versatile dry installed Chopper Pump with motors ranging from 0.55 – 30 kW. The MPTK-I pump is for in-line installation outdoor or in a dry pit.

More information about dry-installed chopper pumps (UK)
More information about dry-installed chopper pumps (US)

Long shaft chopper pumps

Available as 4”, 5” or 6” and with motors from 5.5 – 30 kW there is a Landia Long shaft chopper pump for almost any application.
The MPG & TPG chopper pump can pump slurry with a high concentration of solids – significantly more than the “average” long shaft pump.
Our long-shaft pumps are always customized
All MGP-I pumps are equipped with a knife system at the inlet of the pump and can be supplied with fixed or adjustable nozzle for recirculation or mixing.

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Why choose a Landia chopper pump?

We offer individual pump solutions with a choice of different options such as fixed- or adjustable mixing nozzles, two-way valves, transfer pipe and pump length up to 5.4 m.

Landia has been a supplier to the Waste Water Industry for more than 30 years and more than 30,000 Landia units are daily in operation around the globe.

Our aim has always been to supply the best quality and the best solutions for our customers and we are definitely not a “self shopping supermarket”! All projects, small or big, involves our Projects Department in order to ensure the best and most economical solution for our clients. We have high focus on energy consumption and Total Life Cycle Costs.

The company was established back in 1933 and have been a supplier to the agriculture business ever since. 

Landia probably have the most extensive range of products for handling liquid manure in terms of pumps, mixers and different types of valves. Landia products are known for high quality, long lifetime and low operation costs.

We have been involved with biogas project for 25 years – a business segment that is growing every year. Some of our products are designed based on experience from the biogas industry. For example both the GasMix digester mixing system and the side entry mixer model PowerMix. are based on experience from the biogas industry. 

It is our aim to provide products of high quality with low life cycle costs and products that are easy and simple to service. A part of our sales service is consultancy! It is important for the client, and for Landia, that the most suitable solution is chosen. No one wants to have problems with the handling of liquid manure, sludge or food waste! Undersized pumps, blocked pumps and pipes – nothing is more frustrating!

The Chopper Pump celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2020

When Landia’s founder, Christian Oelgaard invented the Chopper Pump in 1950, he was determined to solve the problem of clogging manure pumps on dairy farms.  He succeeded - and the World’s first chopper pump was born.
Christian was a forward-thinker, but even this distinguished pioneer might not have foreseen how widely the chopper pump would be used today, 70 years later.  Manure pumping is still a big item, but solving clogging problems in raw sewage has become the modern day task for the chopper pump.  Equipped with a unique hardened steel chopping system, the Landia Chopper Pump makes light of modern day nuisance waste, such as wet wipes, that bring lesser pumps to a clogging, grinding halt.
Christian Oelgaard knew that standard pumps could only pump standard waste, so he invented the Chopper Pump to take care of the really tough applications.  The Landia chopper pump is widely used for pumping digester sludge, clarifier scum, food waste, and a wide variety of other municipal and industrial waste streams.

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