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Landia chopper pumps, type DG-I and DGR-I


The DG-I pump is a highly efficient chopper pump which is designed for pumping heavily contaminated fluids, as well as fluids with a high content of solids.


All DG-I pumps are equipped with a knife system at the inlet to the pump, which ensures hassle-free operations under conditions in which many other pumps have problems with clogging. 


A submersible pump with a unique design


Due to the design of the pump with an open impeller, the DG-I pump can pump fluids of high viscosity. For fluids containing abrasive particles, such as sand, Landia has developed special materials so that the pump's lifespan is extended significantly in comparison to a standard pump.


A large part of the DG-I programme can be supplied in acid resistant steel for aggressive fluids with low or high pH.


There are several applications within waste water. For example, the DG-I pump has shown to be a problem solver in pump stations with a large amount of cloths, wet wipes and other things that cause operating problems for existing pumps. 


Submersible pump type DGR-I


The DGR-I pump has the exact same operating characteristics as DG-I - but made of acid resistant steel for aggressive liquids with a low pH value



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