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Service and preventive maintenance


Our products are often used in aggressive environments under demanding operating conditions and with long operating times.


Therefore, all Landia products are constructed based on the following principles: All components are sized so that they are not overloaded; wearing parts (bearings and sealing systems) can easily be replaced directly on site


The need for service and maintenance is minimal and can be done on site, without the unit needing to be transported to a service centre - and it can often be done by the operating staff themselves. Naturally, you can also book one of Landia's own service technicians to come and help you with servicing, preventive maintenance, or any repairs.


In connection with a service call and upon prior arrangement, we can set aside extra time to train one or more of the customer's own staff to do preventive maintenance.


To ensure prompt and correct delivery and to minimise your expenses, please state the device's serial number and product number, which you will find on the metal identification plate on the motor.


Delivery time: Spare parts are usually sent daily from Landia own departments as well as from several of our distributors.





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