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Landia developed their first chopper pumps in 1950. A chopper pump is a pump equipped with a knife system at the pump inlet. The knife system prevents the pump from clogging when the pumped liquid contains small impurities.


Originally, Landia’s chopper pump was designed to chop the straw that was always present in liquid animal manure and that often caused stoppages and problems.


Landia’s chopper pumps are still widely used for pumping liquid animal manure, but over the years they have also been acknowledged for their excellence in other sectors requiring a hassle-free pumping of for instance, waste water, sludge, liquid biomass, by-products in the food industry or abrasive liquids.


Most of Landia’s chopper pumps can be delivered in acid resistant steel for pumping liquids with a high or low pH value.



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The Chopper Pump celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2020


When Landia’s founder, Christian Oelgaard, invented the Chopper Pump in 1950, he was determined to solve the problem of clogging manure pumps on dairy farms.
He succeeded - and the World’s first chopper pump was born.


Christian was a forward-thinker, but even this distinguished pioneer might not have foreseen how widely the chopper pump would be used today, 70 years later. Manure pumping is still a big item but solving clogging problems in raw sewage has become the modern-day task for the chopper pump. Equipped with a unique hardened steel chopping system, the Landia Chopper Pump makes light of modern-day nuisance waste, such as wet wipes, that bring lesser pumps to a clogging, grinding halt.


Christian Oelgaard knew that standard pumps could only pump standard waste, so he invented the Chopper Pump to take care of the really tough applications. The Landia chopper pump is widely used for pumping digester sludge, clarifier scum, food waste, and a wide variety of other municipal and industrial waste streams.