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Animal welfare


In order to improve animal welfare on dairy farms, many choose sand for the night stalls. This is a challenge for the suppliers of slurry pumps and systems such as Landia, and it increases the wear and tear on the pumps significantly.


This has prompted Landia to develop new material for the pumps and mixers, resulting in a remarkable increase of their service life. This means that the farmer can focus on (the) animals instead of spending time and money on repairing the slurry systems.


Modern pig productions also focus intensely on animal welfare. A lot more straw is used, compared to earlier, and this can cause problems for the slurry pump. All Landia pumps have a rotating knife system in front of the pump, which ensures that the straw is chopped at the same time as it is pumped into the storage tank.


The farmer can give the pigs as much straw as he likes – the Landia pumps will handle the task!