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Pump pits/dry pits


Buried pit with dry-installed pump

The precast pump pit in PE (Polyethylene) is a good, easy, odourless and reliable alternative to traditional reception tanks and manually built concrete pits.


The PE-pump pit is completely sealed and is fitted with a base plate so that it will stay in the ground in the event of the ground water rising.


The PE-pump pit fits all Landia's dry-installed MPTK pumps, which are available in several different sizes.


The PE-pump pit is made of dimensionally stable moulded Polyethylene (PE) and is supplied complete at the desired height with the required pump and appropriate vent valves, sluice valves and hinged lids.



Several applications

PE-pit with in-built chopper-pump is suitable for pumping slurry and sludge over long distances and/or through rising terrain.


PE-pit with in-built chopper-pump is suitable for pig farms with vacuum systems where the low viscosity slurry is sucked out of the barn.




The pump pit's diameter is 130 cm and the standard height is 190 cm. Other heights can be ordered as needed.


The pit must be buried, so that the inlet and outlet pipes are located at a frost-free depth, but just deep enough that both the lid and at least the uppermost 20 cm of the pit-ring are always visibly above the ground, so that groundwater cannot seep into the well.


The wide base-plate ensures that the pit will remain in place in the ground - even when the groundwater is high.



Illustration of Landia's dry-installed pump type MPTK






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