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Manual valves (knife gate valves)


We offer a range of manual valves (knife gate valves) for piped slurry systems, which fit standard PVC pipe diameters of 110, 160 and 200 mm.


All valves are in acid-proof stainless steel.


The valves are glued to the pipes and are easy to operate with their removable levers.


See the brochure below for further information.


Numerous applications:

  • As a drain valve on the discharge line

  • As a stop valve when distributing the discharge to one or more tanks

  • As a stop valve placed inside or outside the building



  • Fits PVC pipes with diameters of 110, 160 and 200 mm

  • Fitted with special spring on the lever, which ensures that the valve remains open during pumping.

  • No cracking due to freezing.

  • Able to withstand rough handling.

  • Does not get stuck.

  • Is slurry-tight.


Relevant accessories:

A 1.2 m stainless steel control lever extension enclosed in a protective pipe may be fitted on valves which are buried deeply.




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