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Level gauge


Automatic control system via accurate measurement of the fluid pressure in the tank. Landia offers automation, where precise measurement of the liquid level in the slurry tank can control the pumps and mixers.


The so-called "pressure transmitter" sits at the end of a long rod that is mounted on the side of the tank and, via a line, is connected to a control cabinet.


The connected control cabinet monitors and controls the liquid level in the tank, based on the signal from the pressure transmitter.


An example is the control of a slurry reception tank
(positioned between the barn and the storage tank)

  • When the amount of slurry in the tank has reached a predetermined maximum level, the pressure transmitter sends a signal to the control centre, after which the mixer starts up so that the slurry is mixed to a uniform, homogeneous consistency.

  • Shortly thereafter, the pump starts automatically.

  • The mixer continues to run at the same time as fluid is being pumped out of the tank - and stops automatically when the specified minimum level of mixing has been achieved.

  • Thereafter, the pump continues until the selected minimum level of pumping has been achieved.

  • The process is repeated automatically when the amount of slurry in the reception tank has once again reached the selected maximum level.



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