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FloorFlushTM Flush valves


Cleaning barn floors has been made quick, easy and efficient with Landia's FloorFlushTM.


The solution consists of one or more flush valves, which has been flush-mounted into the barn floor, and is connected to a submersible pump in a tank via buried pipes.


As the washwater, groundwater collected from the yard or roof may be used - or, as shown in the following video clip: recycled collected washwater from the previous cleaning of the dairy system.


In hibernation mode, the valve is flush-mounted into the floor.
When the submersible pump is powered up, the water pressure will automatically lift the valve a few centimetres up off the floor so that water can be sprayed out over the floor in a predetermined direction, thereby flushing the floor clean of slurry and other solid material.
When the water pressure ceases, the valve falls back down to its recessed space in the floor.




Principle diagram of Landia's FloorFlushTM


The pictures here show the  system  in hibernation mode, at the start and during operation.



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