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Landia GasMix has all the mechanical components located outside the digester. Therefore, it is not necessary to open or empty the tank when performing service or repairs on the GasMix system. As a result of this, there is no loss of biogas production!

Apart from the obvious advantages from a Health & Safety point of view, you also reduce the construction costs of your digester.

And last, but not least important: experience has shown an increase in biogas production due to the enhanced cell breakdown in the GasMix venturi.

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With Landia AirJet jet aeration systems, you achieve simultaneous aeration and mixing. The AirJet is used as the aeration source as part of the wastewater process or sometimes just used to keep the wastewater fresh.

Landia AirJet can be installed in most types of tanks. They can be supplied in a submersible version where the entire aerator is lowered into the tank, or for mounting through the side of the tank - dry-installed. Both types of aerators can be supplied in stainless steel.

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The Landia chopper pump is designed to pump heavily polluted wastewater and sludge with a high dry matter content.

While many other pumps have problems with clogging, the chopper pump is equipped with a system of knives at the pump inlet, that ensure trouble-free operation under difficult conditions.

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Get the mixing that best suits your wastewater system with a mixer or flowmaker from Landia.

We have solutions for large volumes of water, smaller tanks and for liquids with varying amounts of dry matter content.

Landia mixers are available in standard materials as well as stainless steel.

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