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Havfarm 1 with Landia chopper pumps on its first trip


PHOTO: Nordlaks


Landia has delivered three stainless steel chopper pumps through Optimar Stette, to the silage plant at the new offshore breeding facility Havfarm 1, which belongs to the company Nordlaks.


The 385 meter long Havfarm 1 vessel weighs 33,000 tonnes and has a capacity of two million salmon. The vessel has been built at Yantai Raffles' shipyards in eastern China and is scheduled to be in place in Hadsel in Norway this summer.


About Havfarm 1
Havfarm 1 are part of Nordlak's solution for sustainable development of the aquaculture industry. Fish farming at sea today meets lots of challenges and the on-shore aquaculture industry is growing, but access to land is a necessity.
Nordlaks Havfarm 1 is on-shore at sea and opens new opportunities.


Nordlaks aims to improve production conditions for the environment and fish welfare in the aquaculture industry. With the Havfarm 1, Nordlaks will move the last and most intensive part of the salmon's growth phase out of the fjords and further away from other aquaculture sites.


Fish farms in the future will be located in areas that cannot be utilized for breeding with today's available technology. These are more exposed sea areas with complex wind, current and wave conditions and typically greater depths. These places provide good environmental, fish welfare and production conditions.


Landia have 30 years of experience with producing silage from fish by-products. Landia's stainless steel pumps are equipped with a unique service-friendly knife system for efficient processing, and are designed for high reliability and long service life in aggressive environments.


PHOTOS: Nordlaks

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