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20-08-2019  (News) Mixer for Sludge Handling at Atlantic Sapphire    

In the summer of 2019, Landia delivered two mixers to Atlantic Sapphire's growout RAS breeding facility in Hvide Sande.   The task of the mixers
16-08-2019  (Cases) Silage Plant at Atlantic Sapphire    

In the summer of 2019 Landia has supplied a silage plant for the silage of by-products from slaughterhouses as well as fish that die before the slaugh
07-08-2019  (News) Aqua Nor 2019    

Landia will be represented from August 20 - 23 at the Aqua Nor exhibition in Trondheim, Norway.   Since 1979, Aqua Nor has been an important int
10-07-2019  (Cases) Pump up the grid    

    Scottish farm’s pasteurization process powers national grid   Mixer and pump manufacturer’s new turnkey contract in Scotland highl
08-07-2019  (Cases) Demand for fish ensiling as by-product value increases    

With local technical back-up at hand, the aquaculture industry is now more focused than ever before on biosecurity and the increasing value of by-prod