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Mixer for Sludge Handling at Atlantic Sapphire

In the summer of 2019, Landia delivered two mixers to Atlantic Sapphire's growout RAS breeding facility in Hvide Sande.


The task of the mixers is to keep sludge-containing water mixed in buffer tanks so the water that passes through the filtration- and water purifying plant is as homogeneous as possible and does not create challenges with clogging or the need for frequent adjustments and cleaning of filtration equipment.


Since Atlantic Sapphire's facility is equipped with RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) technology, most of the water is recirculated. All the water that runs through the system is filtered and purified regardless if it is discharged from or re-fed into the system. The sludge filtered off in the process is used for biogas production.


To solve this task, Landia has supplied a Landia POPR-I 3.0 kW 150 rpm mixer for a 550 m³ tank and a Landia PODR-I 1.1 kW 1000 rpm mixer for a 35 m³ tank. Both mixers are supplied with installation equipment for the tanks.


As it is saliferous water, the mixers and equipment are made of acidproof steel to minimize corrosion and ensure longevity of the equipment.