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Landia dry-installed pumps type MPTK


The MPTK pump is a highly flexible dry-installed pump which was developed specifically for pumping slurry with a high content of solids - considerably higher than other pumps on the market. Perfect for all types of slurry!


All MPTK pumps are equipped with a knife system at the inlet to the pump, which ensures hassle-free operations of slurry containing straw and other solid materials.


Dry-installed pumps suitable for slurry handling


An MPTK pump is also well equipped to pump slurry containing abrasive particles, such as sand. Landia has developed special materials so that the pump's lifespan is extended significantly in comparison to a standard pump.


Landia's MPTK pump can, depending on the type, supply a pump pressure of up to 5 bar, which makes it possible to pump the slurry over long distances - up to several kilometres!


Dry-installed pumps used in connection with pig production


The MPTK pump is ideal for mounting in a "dry pit". This system is often used in connection with pig production and the so-called vacuum system. Besides the pump increasing the vacuum efficiency when pumping out the slurry, there is a no need for a reception tank, which also reduces the risk of odours.


The dry-installed pump in brief:

  • Motor sizes between 0.55 - 30 kW

  • 50, 65, 80, 105 or 150 mm pump outlet

  • Capacity of up to 475 m³/h

  • Pump pressure up to 5 bar

  • Supplied with a knife system at pump inlet

  • Available with specially hardened pump parts for slurry with sand


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