BioChop® Hygienisation unit




The BioChop® hygienisation unit is a complete free-standing unit for the mixing and heat treatment of organic remnants, intestines and category 3 by-products, for example from

  • restaurants
  • industrial kitchens
  • the fishing industry
  • the catering industry
  • fat from flotation plants
  • waste water treatment plants
  • the poultry processing industry
  • the fruit and vegetable processing industry 

The unit can be supplied in various sizes.


The products are added to the tank, comminuted, liquefied, heat treated and pumped back out in one process.


The result of this process is a thin substance which can easily be pumped in closed pipes to either a tanker or storage tank for further use or disposal, e.g. in a biogas plant.


If you need to store the liquid for an extended period, you will benefit from the BioChop ensilini unit, which features automatic acid dosing.



Landia BioChop offers numerous advantages compared with traditional methods

  • Your firm’s residual products can often be refined to valuable raw materials which can be re-used as an energy-efficient substrate for a biogas plant.
  • Significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal.
  • An environmental gain from recycling residual products, which can contribute to improving your firm’s green image.
  • The BioChop unit minimises obnoxious smells and prevents pests from entering the residual products, thus providing veterinary and work environment improvements.



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