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Slurry Handling


Since its establishment in 1933, Landia has been a supplier to the agricultural industry and has the most comprehensive programme in the industry for managing slurry, by means of pumps, mixers, valves, dampers and controls.


Landia products are known for their high quality and consequent long lifespan and low operating cost.


Our sales staff are keen to offer advice. It is important for the customer and for us that the solution solves the customer's problem. No one wants to have problems when handling slurry! There is nothing more demotivating than clogged slurry pumps, blocked pipes or under-sized pumps. Therefore, we want to be involved from the start of a project, so we can advise on the design of tanks, tubing, slurry channels, etc.


In other words: Landia offers a combination of high quality products and competent advice.


Contact Landia for more information about our products for slurry management




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